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No Good Men Among the Living, Anand Gopal

This is a book I would strongly suggest to read. Often my readers compliment me for the work I did for the terrorist-book, telling me how unique I am. I appreciate that, but I would also argue against it. The fact that I travelled to all parts of Afghanistan, interviewed all sorts of groups (including the Taliban) is unique, especially because the bigger media don't do that in a constructive way. But at the same time: I am not alone in doing investigative journalism. There are others who have been travelling in all parts of Afghanistan. There were other media who were interested, who were stepping through the narrative 'all is dangerous in Afghanistan'. This list of suggested media underscores that, I hope.

Anand Gopal interviewed many Afghans from everywhere. I love this book, and I might be biased because we are friends, and lived together in Kabul. But stil: i think it's good, it has great insights you won't read in the mainstream media.

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